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'From the darkest of day's we can still find our way'

Mo Woolven- Owner

I am originally from Perthshire in Scotland, and in 2006  I relocated to Sussex where at the age of fifty six I gained my degree in 'Costume for film and Production'

I worked as an amateur costume maker and vocalist for most of my adult life, you could always find me either surrounded by fabric or rehearsing new songs, as long as I was being creative I was happy.

I cut my teeth in the world of film as a costume assistant within a team of Sussex costume makers on the live action Disney movie Aladdin in 2017.

Sadly it was to be my last Disney adventure as a fall from my loft at home left me with a fractured spine and damaged muscle and ligaments.


Relocating back to Scotland in 2018  we set up home in the small farming community of  Forfar in Angus, surrounded by farmland and countryside.


I had to forgo my full time position in a costume company to allow my body to recover, and although my spine has now fused, muscle related problems mean I find it hard to do any heavy lifting.

I am one of life ant's in my pants people so sitting and not doing and trying to keep my head calm doesn't come naturally or easily to me, but I did rest and eventually got back on my feet.


It has been a very frustrating time not being able to work in my chosen profession, but I had to do something or I was going to explode!

With my husband Trevor's blessing and support I have turned my love of all things handmade and  eclectic into a company that designs and makes beautiful statement home interior soft furnishing and statement fashion pieces.

I have been blessed to have met Artists, Textile designers and Weavers who could relate to my vision to create products that are more than just the sum of what they are.

With help, guidance and love, and countless hours on the phone with my amazing collaborators 

together we have created collections we are both proud and excited to bring to you.

Our interior soft furnishings  bring character and style and and atmosphere to your home, while

our small signature fashion collection is the go to piece in your wardrobe that makes you feel like a million dollars every time you wear it.

Our designs are limited edition making our customers members of  a very exclusive club.

Thank you for visiting my site and for taking time to get to know the faces behind the brand, and for taking a step into the future with us.

I send you a wish and a kiss for the best outcome once we get to the other side of the pandemic that has changed our lives so very much.

Love and Light to you all

Mo xx



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